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People associated with the pentagon

pentagon attacked exactly 60 years after groundbreaking in 1941
There are all types of people associated with the pentagon.

Any five sided polygon is considered a pentagon. The word pentagon contains the pente word of the Greek which they used to signify 5. Poly means many. The Greeks used Gonia to mean angle. So a pentagon has five angles.

A regular pentagon has five equal angles of 108 degrees. The points of these angles are set on an order of 5 along a 360 degree circle.

Point 1 is at 0. Point 2 is at 72 degrees. Point 3 is at 144 degrees. Point 4 is at 288 degrees. The number 72 is the common factor of the five points of a regular pentagon where all sides are the same length.

That is kind of interesting. The pentagon belongs to that area of numbers called geometry.

Greek people associated with the pentagon....

Geometry is a another one of those words that the Greeks brought to life when the made earth measurements. Geo being to earth what metry is to measurement. The Greeks were not the first to measure the earth for political reasons or for scientific reasons but the Greeks are the first to have sent records of their knowledge of geometry down the influential tube of history. Since the earliest of times geometry has been used to measure all types of objects both on earth and in the universe.

Babylonian people associated with the pentagon...

The Greek Euclid was a big name in the advancement of geometry. Euclid lived in the 3rd century BC. Another Greek living about 100 years after Euclid was named Hipparchus of Nicaea. Hipparchus was a scientific type who spent a lifetime gaining knowledge of geometry, astronomy, mathematics, astrology and more. Hipparchus had likely studied the numbers systems of the Chaldeans of Babylonia and used is knowledge of the power of 60 numbers system to map the sky. It is believed that Hipparchus figured out the precession of the equinoxes cycle of time that comes to be referred to as the Platonic Year but that is information on this subject died with him. He is also the Greek who introduced trigonometry to the world.

Trig is measurement by triangulation and is a branch of geometry.

Roman people associated with the pentagon...

It is a guess on my part but I suspect that the people who helped Julius Caesar reinvent the old Roman calendar likely knew of the work of Hipparchus. The Julian calendar comes along as a method of stopping the corruption amongst high priests who are the authorities behind the extra days that need to be added to the old Roman calendar in order to keep it keeping time with the equinoxes and the change of seasons.

French people associated with the pentagon...

Most tof the world today operates on a calendar that replaced the Julian calendar. That reformation of the Julian calendar comes in the years when Rene Descartes is living. Rene the Cartesian was also a big numbers guy and comes along in the early 1600's with another branch of geometry. Descartes introduced  " analytical geometry " which is a bridge between algebra and geometry. Algebra meanwhile had been thought up back in about 200 AD by the father of algebra Diophantus who lived in Alenxandria.

Galeleo - father of modern science
In the days of Euclid the numbers guys used what is termed " geometric algebra " which is completely different than algebra and the equations of algebra proposed by Diophantus. Geometric algebra is a relatively new term introduced in hte 1900's and that type of numeration is still used extensively in fields that require intuitive thinking of abstract domain such has are found in quantum mechanics, spacetime relativity, etc....

The pentagon is interesting in that in plays on the factor 72 in five sided equal angles. The precession of the equinoxes is interesting because a full 360 rotation of this zodiac is a process that moves along one degree at a time every 72 years.

Rene Descartes is interesting in that he comes along at a time when the high priests are arguing about what religion should be and who should be in charge of the heavenly agency.

Religious, Polish, and Italian people associated with the pentagon....

A hundred years or so before Descartes the world had witnessed the invention of the printing press and the beginning of mass ( not the church type ) production. Mass ( the church type ) production was the argument that sent heretics to their grave.

Women teaching geometry and the knowledge of Euclid
Copernicus, a Doctor by trade and an avid astromomer by obsession had worked out the heliocentric nature of the universe but wasn't in a hurry to make his theory public. When he did begin to mention his ideas about how the earth was not the center of the Universe it was the Protestants who scourned him for his heretic behaviour. Copernicus was simply restating a theory that Hipparchus likely knew in 300 BC or thereabouts. The Catholics heard about Copernicus's heliocentric cosmology theory in 1533 through Johann Widmannsletter and were at least interested in what the Doctor was proposing.

Copernicus died of stroke related complications and not by the execution order of a witch hunter.

Copernicus the Polock inspired the Italian Galeleo Galilei who improves on the telescope and becomes the father of modern science. His contemporary astronomers did not take to his Copernicanism ideas of heliocentricity and the Catholic church made an about face on their treatment of the subject. The Catholic church put Galeleo under house arrest for the rest of his life. Interestingly the Jesuits were siding with Galeleo and were also distanced from the Holy see. So much for being the " right " hand of the divine law !!!! Right or wrong, when it comes to subjective sometimes you are always wrong even if you are least until nature by it's divine choirs comes to right the objective.

Somehow all people are associated with the pentagon....

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