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72HF's sibling goes to DARPA

72HF's sibling goes to DARPA is a follow up to The Players which was a look at a controversy brewing over the potentials of the isomer 178m2HF.

How can ancient beach sand become an isomeric bomb ? Well it can't since Zircon which contains 72HF ( Hafnium -  atomic number 72 ) is a humble mineral used mostly in the making of ceramic tiles, insulators and other such stuff that is good for the economy and good for humans.

178m2HF is the little understood sibling of 72HF and while research may prove this sibling to be a very good brother or sister, there is the potential that this sibling could be a sociopsychopath killer.

72HF's sibling goes to DARPA for assessment much as any genial prodigy ends up in the research lab of some scientist who looks to understand them and classify them as good or evil.

178m2HF goes to DARPA.

DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency and it is customarily the place where the American Department of Defense sends their prodigy's to be assessed. The DoD is headquartered in the Pentagon ( a pentagon is a five sided building with each angle set at 72 degrees ). The Pentagon is a virtual city within a city with a community of military and civilian people where the security of the USA is planned and executed.

The DARPA webpage opens up to a very surreal message.

CREATING and PREVENTING Strategic Surprise

Creating surprise is the scary part of that message. DARPA is responsible for messing with 178m2HF which could very well end up being a Jack in the Box type surprise released at an exawatt level.

DARPA was founded in 1958 to deal with the scientific investigation of prodigy's of biology, medicine, computer science, chemistry, physics, and basically any natural or metaphysical phenom that comes through the infinite influential pipe of time. Who knows....that pipe of time may just some day be discovered to be an interdimensional time travel gate such has one of the most revered prodigy, namely Albert Einstein, once suggested was possible. The controversial Philadelphia Experiment which showcased the morphing of the ship and crew of the USS Eldridge in 1943 was and remains a conspiracy theory which proposes that Einstein was experimenting with time travel.

The DARPA SIER program was a proposal put to Congress in 2004 during the Bush administration. SIER is Stimulated Isomer Energy Release. This was the response.

"Stimulated isomer energy release
"The budget request contained $339.2 million in PE 62702E for tactical technology applied research, including $4.0 million for stimulated isomer energy release.
"The committee is aware that the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) is funding research to investigate the feasibility of stimulating the release of energy stored in nuclear isomers. The committee understands that the DARPA-sponsored research is investigating two of the most difficult technical challenges in this program and that the research is being conducted in the national laboratories, the Department of Energy, the military service laboratories, and other facilities. Given the significant policy issues associated with any eventual use of an isomer weapon and given the inability of distinguished scientists to replicate the reported successful triggering experiment of 1998, the committee believes that the Department of Defense should not be engaged in this research. The proper agency to investigate the feasibility of this technology is the National Nuclear Security Administration and its national laboratory complex. The committee questions the utility of this research in any circumstances and is particularly skeptical of research into nuclear isomer production before triggering is shown to be possible.
"Accordingly, the committee directs the Secretary of Defense to terminate this program, and recommends no funding for the stimulated isomer energy release in PE 62702E, a reduction of $4.0 million." American Institure of Physics
This article from the DangerRoom called Russia's Isomer Bomb, Funded by Your Taxes looks into the potential of other countries experimenting with isomer energy.

The DangerRoom also carries an article that states that maybe DTRA - Defense Threat Research Agency - a branch of the Pentagon might have taken up the investigation of 178m2HF where DARPA left off.

It seems unlikely that the Pentagon would let go so easily of a product that has the potential of changing the way things are done in the future.

We leave at that with this strange things about the number 72 event.

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