Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Half a Gross

Can you eat 200, 000 dollars in one sitting ?

This story is about half a gross lunch......or six dozen worth ....or 72 capsules of cocaine.

This was not your typical lunch and it is a piece of social trivia that belongs on 72 strange things.

x ray photo released by Brazilian Federal Police
  Back in late 2011 this Irishman goes to Brazil and packs down half a gross of cocaine before trying to board a plane at San Paolo's Congonhas airport. The 20 year old had swallowed 72 bags of "coke" and was trying to get to Lisbon, Portugal and then to Brussels, Belgium.

Security caught up with him and he was arrested. Those pictures are actual x-rays of what 72 cocaine capsules look like inside a stomach.

The cocaine was removed at a hospital. Let's hope the young drug mule still has a stomach since this crime of international drug trafficking could have him eating prison food for 15 years. Street value for that amount of cocaine is roughly 200 thousand dollars US. That breaks down to about 13 thousand dollars per year for time served.

Not half a gross if you have the stomach for it.

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